The last date for the receipt of application forms for GP & CCMC repeater candidates is 20th February 2016 with fee.
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Result for IV  Examination of Maharashtra Please Click Hereanimated-update-image-0025

डिमांड ड्राफ्ट (DD) जमा करणे व CoC मिळण्याची पुढील प्रक्रिया या वेब साईट वर येणाऱ्या ठराविक वेळेत देण्यात येईल. कृपया संयम ठेवा.        डिमांड ड्राफ्ट (DD) जमा करना और CoC मीलने की आगे की प्रक्रिया इस वेब साईट पर आनेवाले सही समय पर दिया जायेगा. कृपया धैर्य रखीये.        Further procedure for submission of DD and issue of CoC will be informed in due course of time on this web site. please have patience.

BES is a collaborative unit of the Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) and the Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (IMEI). BES was formed in 2005 and authorised by the Directorate general of Shipping to conduct ‘All India Exit Examination’ for trainees passing out of pre-sea training institutes for ratings.
The Institute of Marine Engineers (India) [IMEI], was established in 1980 and registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 (Registration No.F 7589 of 31 May 1982)



The Company of Master Mariners of India [CMMI], is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 (Registration No. 10924 of 1957-58).


Through IMEI and CMMI, BES is supported by a very large number of professionals and their associates in the Marine Industry. Dedicated involvement of trustees has made BES an organisation of repute. It has developed highly collaborative relationships with the training institutes and marine industry to provide proactive support.Aim of BES is ‘Enhancement in Quality of Maritime Education and Training in India’.BES registered as charitable trust under the Assistant Charity Commissioner Thane and is certified ISO 9001-2008 organisation under the Indian Register of Shipping.