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BES is a collaborative unit of the Company of Master Mariners of India (CMMI) and the Institute of Marine Engineers (India) (IMEI). BES was formed in 2005 and authorized by the Directorate general of Shipping to conduct ‘All India Exit Examination’ for trainees passing out of pre-sea training institutes for ratings.

The Institute of Marine Engineers (India) [IMEI], was established in 1980 and registered under Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 (Registration No.F 7589 of 31 May 1982. www.imare.in
The Company of Master Mariners of India [CMMI], is registered under the Companies Act, 1956 (Registration No. 10924 of 1957-58). www.cmmi.co.in

Through IMEI and CMMI, BES is supported by a very large number of professionals and their associates in the Marine Industry. Dedicated involvement of trustees has made BES an organisation of repute. It has developed highly collaborative relationships with the training institutes and marine industry to provide proactive support. Aim of BES is ‘Enhancement in Quality of Maritime Education and Training in India’. BES registered as charitable trust under the Assistant Charity Commissioner Thane and is certified ISO 9000-2008 organisation under the Indian Register of Shipping.  

Present Activities:

  1. All India Exit Examination for ratings – General Purpose Ratings and Catering Ratings
  2. Development of text Books
  3. Development of instructional CDs
  4. Evaluation of answer scripts for IGNOU BS Nautical Examination
  5. Study into training of ratings
  6. Improvements in the quality of training of ratings in India
  7. Advising Directorate General of Shipping on matters pertaining to training and employment of ratings.
  8. Conducting Inland Vessel (IV) Exam for different grades on behalf of Maharashtra Maritime Board and MMD Kolkata, West Bengal Government.

Projects in the making:

  1. Structured Shipboard Training Program for Ratings
  2. Computer Aided Assessment for Ratings
  3. Grading and Bench-marking of Training Institutes
  4. Revision of Text Books
  5. Revision to Instruction CDs
  6. Posters to Assist Training

Core Values of BES:

  • Excellence
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Teamwork

Quality Policy Strive to achieve a High Quality Standard in carrying out Assessment, Examination or Consultancy for Personnel entering into or engaged in the Maritime Industry as Seafarers through an effective Quality Management System which complies with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 Commitment

  1. Understanding and maintaining a balance between the needs and expectations of customers and other interested parties
  2. Communicating policy and objectives at all levels in BES
  3. Involving personnel in development and providing a work environment aimed at motivating continual improvement of effectiveness and efficiency of services, processes and management system.
  4. Adopting and promoting process and system approach
  5. Basing decisions on analysis of data and information collected from monitoring and measurement of services, processes and system characteristics
  6. Developing and maintaining alliances with suppliers to jointly improve performance

Objects of the Trust The Principal objects of the Trust are:

  1. To carry out assessment, selection, examination and certification and consultancy or such similar tasks for personnel entering into or engaged in Shipping and Transport Industry as Seafarers and to ensure the quality, integrity and transparency in such activity;
  2. To carry out inspections, assessment, grading and certification of maritime training institutes.
  3. To publish educational materials, lessons, plans and other instruction to facilitate assessment, providing guidance to similar project to ensure quality of assessment and examination;
  4. To implement schemes, plans and programs for fulfilling the objects of the Trust and to present action plans to the Trust and when required
  5. To do other acts and things as are conducive or helpful to the advancement and fulfillment of Trust’s requirements and other objects mentioned here in above;
 IMEI Members  CMMI Members
     Present Trustees
Mr. Dilip Mehrotra Capt. Philip Mathews
Mr. Udaykumar S. Purohit Capt. B. K. Jha
Mr. Rajeev Nayeer Capt. Kaustubh V. Pradhan
Mr. S. Kannan Capt. Mukund Kumar
Trustees in the recent past Dr. B.K.Saxena Capt. V. N. Aindley
Mr. Ashok Raghavan Capt. S. M. Halbe
Mr. R. K. Mohanty Capt. V.K. Gupta
Mr. M.V. Ramamurthy Capt. John P. Menezes
Mr. A.K. Ghosh Capt. Mohan Naik
Mr. V.A. Kamath  Capt. R. Chandramowleeswaran
Mr. K. Chidambaram Capt. R. D. Kohli
Mr. R.C. Bhavnani Capt. Milind Paranjpe
Mr. P.S. Murthy Capt. Mohan Naik
Mr. Ravi Bhatia Capt. K. N. Deboo
   Founder Members Mr. K. A. Simon Capt. N. Hiranandani
Mr. P. Mitter Capt. V. N. Aindley
Mr. P. P. Chugani Capt. S. B. Kundargi
Mr. GSK Mohan Rao Capt. Ajay Achuthan
Capt. P. S. Barve
 Supporting Members Several Master Mariners and Chief Engineers all over India.

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