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Seamanship, Marine Engineering and Human Relations 

Revised Edition – August 2014

It is in two parts suited for all pre sea training program. It contains learning components that all seafarers need to learn irrespective of their stream. It contains innumerable diagrams and pictures with simple description. Question bank and answer key is given at the end of each section.

List price Rs.900/- or @ Rs.585/- In bulk order (10 or more). Prices applicable only in india.

Part 1 (336 pages) (Contents)

Section 1 – Personal Development and Basic Ship Knowledge

Section 2 – Marine Engineering

Compiled by Pooran Chugani


Part 2 (274 pages) (Contents)

General Ship Knowledge (Seamanship & Navigation)

Compiled by Capt. Augustin Parackal

Basic  Seamanship  Marine  Engineering  and  Human Relations  instructional  CD covering  each  chapter  of  the Vol 1.
It is like a power point presentation for each chapter giving points and several diagrams and pictures of ships components, machines, etc. There are many additional pictures that could not be included in the book. It has a menu driven programme to link each chapter and its parts where the chapter is exhaustive.
This CD can be used as Teaching aid by the lecturer and as a Learning aid by students.
Price – @ Rs.200/- per CD or @ Rs.150/- In bulk order (10 or more CDs). Prices applicable only in india.
big_book_cover1 We have one more book Catering and Housekeeping for Merchant Ships  (on art paper and partial color) Vol 1 and Vol 2 – Question Bank The above come as a set.Price – @ Rs.900/- per set; or @ Rs.720/- In bulk order (10 or more). Prices applicable only in india.
  Instructional CD – Catering and Housekeeping for Merchant Ships
Price – @ Rs.300/- per CD set or, @ Rs.200/- In bulk order (10 or more). Prices applicable only in india.

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