BES Services


At present BES is involved in following activities:

  1. All India Exit Examination for ratings – General Purpose Ratings and Catering Ratings
  2. Development of text Books
  3. Development of instructional CDs
  4. Study into training of ratings
  5. Improvements in the quality of training of ratings in India
  6. Advising Directorate General of Shipping on matters pertaining to training and employment of ratings.
  7. Conducting Inland Vessel (IV) Exam for different grades on behalf of Maharashtra Maritime Board and MMD Kolkata, West Bengal Government.
  8. Structured Shipboard Training Program for Ratings
  9. Seafarers Enhancement Programme for Ratings

Other projects in the making are listed below:

  1. Computer Aided Assessment for Ratings
  2. Grading and Bench-marking of Training Institutes
  3. Revision of Text Books (Continual Improvement)
  4. Revision to Instruction CDs (Continual Improvement)
  5. Posters to Assist Training

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