Board of Examination for seafarers Trust has been entrusted to carry out IV Examination for West Bengal Candidates for all grades (Deck and Engine) by Inland Water Transport (IWT)

Notice for Candidates (Deck and Engine) West Bengal IWTD (IV Examinations) (Uploaded on 03-11-2017)

animated-new-image-0141   Inland Vessel Examination of Deck & Engine Side for the Year 2017 (Updated on 17th July 17)

Examination Notice for Desiring to Appear for IV Examination – Kolkata, Under IV Act – 1917 (Updated on 17th July 17) animated-new-image-0070

 Download:- (Updated on 17th July 17)

  1. Application Form for IV Exam Kolkata for All Grades   animated-new-image-0070
  2. Check List animated-new-image-0070
  3. Eligibility Criteria for Deck Candidate
  4. Eligibility Criteria for Engine side Candidate
  5. Sample copy of Affidavit animated-new-image-0070
  7. SYLLABUS for Inland Vessels (Deck Side)
  8. SYLLABUS for Inland Vessels (Engine Side)
  9. Safety, LSA & FFA Syllabus (Mandatory for Deck & Engine Side)
  10. Fees Structure animated-new-image-0070


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